Tornado frequency and Location


What is Wind Shear  Directional and speed shear


 Watch a tornado Form
Full life cycle of a tornado on video

What is The Perfect Storm
  Tornado Tim discusses the perfect storm


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Tornado Tim

Video of Tornado Tim from his interview on Ralph TV.   Permission granted by Ralph TV to post this video on my site.

Tornado Tim Youtube Channel

Ralph TV is a weekly television series based on Ralph magazine in Australia where Tornado Tim also appeared in a feature article.

Tornado Tim nearly Killed

Inside the Kirksville Missouri Tornado Video in HD. This is the only video taken from inside the tornado in the subdivision in Kirksville Missouri as the tornado hit.  What makes this Kirksville tornado video so unique is that it was filmed inside the tornado as it destroyed houses and pelted Tornado Tim's car with debris from the homes.  No other chaser has ever filmed from inside a tornado while debris is seen pummeling them with large pieces of house and building debris. This is the video you saw on The Weather Channel and the clip that Jim Cantore talked live on the air with Tornado Tim about.

Tornado Insanity close up video

Plano roofer -

 Overpass Deaths
Read why hiding under an overpass and using it for shelter during a tornado is a deadly mistake you must avoid.





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