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Tornado Tim - storm chasing and tornadoes

Who is Tornado Tim

EF 3 tornado with Debris

Tim Baker, is known around the world as Tornado Tim, due to his videos and TV show appearances. As a storm chaser, Tornado Tim has over 24 years of experience chasing down severe weather and filming tornadoes. He speaks at business conventions where he ignites the imaginations of audiences as he shares stories about his tornado filming experiences.  Having a professional like Tornado Tim, known for his ability to capture stunning and dramatic footage, helps make videos that are more engaging and informative.


Tornado Tim’s Amazing Tornado Chase

Tornado Tim’s exciting Jaguar tornado chase

And if you are into flying drones while storm chasing I highly recommend the Mavic Mini Pro for starters.

TV episodes he has been in:

  • Globo Brazilian Television

  • Weather Channel, Tornado Road, 2009/2010, check the Weather Channel for reruns

  • Smash Cuts TV, Top 25 Most Shocking Escapes from Death, featuring the Kirksville, Missouri tornado

  • Tru TV, Top 25 Most Shocking Escapes from Death

Tornado Tim is the one you want if you are looking for an exciting interview with plenty of enthusiasm. Reporting is available for radio or TV interviews about severe weather.  He will share his passion for severe weather in every interview and being both an author and tornado chaser, and speak from experience with clarity.

Tornado Tim is someone you can trust.  In addition to tornado/storm chasing, he has a private pilot’s license, has authored books, enjoys photo/video journalism and is frequently a guest speaker on tornadoes and severe weather.

More TV and Radio Station Interviews

  •  Biography Channel, Urban Legends episode

  • Hollywood Studio shoot
  • BBC Radio, interviews

  • French TV, France 2, Marin County, TX, tornado chase
  • LBC 97.3 Radio, interview about tornadoes in London

  • LBC 97.3 Radio, The Alison Bell Show, reporting on Hurricane Katrina

  • BBC Top Gear Magazine, feature article

  • MSNBC TV, interview

  • NTV Russian TV Network, featured storm chaser
  • CNN, live on-air chased tornado-producing storms in Kansas

Many other broadcasts not listed here.


Read Tornado Tim’s exciting new book

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