Tornado Tim

Tornado Tim - storm chasing and tornadoes

Yes, drone videos have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the advancements in drone technology and the accessibility of drones to consumers. Drones are able to capture unique and stunning aerial footage that was previously difficult or impossible to obtain. They are being used in various industries such as real estate, film, and tourism, as well as by hobbyists and photographers. I’m currently running a DJI Mavic Pro 2.

Drone videos of tornadoes and severe weather can be thrilling to watch, as they provide a unique perspective on the power and beauty of nature. Having a professional like Tornado Tim, known for his ability to capture stunning and dramatic footage, could make the videos more engaging and informative. It could also be interesting to see the contrast of beautiful areas and the severe weather, showing the contrast of nature’s power.

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Drone wetsuit test in snow

Yes, drones are susceptible to water damage as most drones are not waterproof. They have electronic components and motors that can be damaged if they come into contact with water. While some drones are designed to be water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. It is important to keep a drone dry and avoid flying it in wet or rainy conditions to minimize the risk of water damage. In addition, some drones may have special waterproofing features such as gimbal and camera covers that can help to protect them in wet conditions. This water protection suit I am using seems to be making a big difference.

Capturing severe weather footage with a drone can be challenging and it is important to be aware of the potential dangers. It is important to follow all safety guidelines and regulations when flying a drone during severe weather, such as FAA regulations and local laws. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the potential damage that severe weather can cause to the drone and its components. It is also a good idea to have a plan in case severe weather conditions change, as they often do.