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Protection Kansas Tornadoes

Storm Chase Log April 23rd 2007 Storm chasing is a very uncertain endeavour.  When you start your day in one location, you understand that you will likely have to change

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Nebraska Tornado Day

Stuart and O’Neil Nebraska Tornadoes June 9th 2003 Storm Chase Log: On this storm chase, I left Greeley Colorado about 7 am Monday June 9th 2003 and headed out towards

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Tornado Insanity Kansas

Storm chaser dream A storm chaser often has dreams of tornado encounters, dreaming of the perfect setup for seeing many tornadoes in one day on wide open roads. May 7th

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3 Tornado Chase day

View Post As a storm chaser sometimes everything goes your way and you get to chase a tornado that tracks along a clear open road with great visibility.  Today was

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Two tornado day

Tornado storm chase Bassett, Nebraska,  June 5, 1999 This was one of my most exciting storm chase adventures to date in my young storm chase career. We intercepted two tornadoes

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Storm Chase Memories One of the things I love about storm chasing are all the great memories of past chases. When I first started chasing it was during a very

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